A NodeJS SteamResolver with only two dependencies isomorphic-unfetch and xml2js.


Steam is now blocking most of these requests ( Half the time -ish), I suggest using their api from now on, see docs


ID to Custom url
Custom url to ID
ID to Full Profile
Custom url to full Profile
Group url to ID
Group ID to full profile

Simple Example

// Import the wrapper library
import SteamResolver from '@qgisk/steamresolver';
// Import your preferred fetch library
import fetch from 'isomorphic-unfetch'

// Or for CommonJS
const {SteamResolver} = require('@qgisk/steamresolver');

// Initiate the client
const Resolve = new SteamResolver(fetch);

// Create a function that gets the custom url
const get = async () => {
  const fromID = await Resolve.toCustomURL('76561198250920834');
  const fromLink = await Resolve.toCustomURL('htts://');

  console.log(fromID, fromLink);

// Execute the function
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